ChatCPT - How it's affecting teaching
"ChatGPT is a natural language chatbot powered by a new type of artificial intelligence. It has been trained on billions of words of text, from books, articles and the Internet, and uses this information to generate human-like responses to user queries. But unlike humans, its writing is lightning-fast and grammatically flawless — and is improving at an order of magnitude per year. With a quick Google search, anyone can access ChatGPT."
This quote is from The 74, posted on LinkedIn by LACOE-ITO, written by Sarah Dillard on 1/4/23.
ChatCPT Resources:
From LACOE-ITO on LinkedIn: Here's a thorough and thoughtful document from Dr. Torrey Trust about ChatGPT in education. It also contains some good resources.
& how universities are dealing with ChatGPT (may need login)
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