Who are we?
CSTA Greater Los Angeles was established as your local computer science community. This chapter was built to connect you with other computer science teachers, provide professional development to help you improve your craft, and connect your local voice to the national computer science education community.

Chapter President - Debbie Weissmann

Chapter Vice President - Megan Myers

Founder and Director of A New Pipeline to provide resources and professional development for computer science teachers to help them meet the diverse needs of all of their students.

Chapter Secretary - Katie Mills 

Co-Director, K-12 STEM Center at USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Chapter Leader - Anthony Quan 

STEM Coordinator at Los Angeles County Office of Education.
Anthony is a dynamic professional development provider at the forefront of today's national education initiatives. Developer of innovative education workshops, modules, and events focused on Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, and Computer Science Standards.

Specialties: STEM, Science Education, Math Education, English Language Acquisition, Professional Development, Educational Leadership, Education Consult, Assessments, Lesson Studies
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